Car Wraps
  • Two Tone Wraps! Includes coverage on Hood, Roof and Trunk.

  • Commercial Vehicle Wraps! Effective Advertising.

  • Matte White Wrap! Complete Vehicle Coverage.

  • Matte Black Wrap! Classic Stealth Look.

Custom Car Wraps

The average consumer today is looking for customization in nearly any aspect of life. The appearance of a vehicle is of uttermost importance for many people and they want something unique, something that will differentiate them from the crowd. Car wraps can be used successfully to achieve the goal.

Vinyl Wrap Color Chart

Vehicle wraps can be created to make practically any creative idea happen. The limitations are few and the opportunities increase with technological innovations.

The wrap is mainly used for marketing purposes and the presentation of companies or products. It serves the goal perfectly because the marketing channel is mobile and the audience on the road is captive.


Naturally, to work efficiently, the car wraps have to be customized. Whether it is colors, graphics or the shape of the wrap itself, customization is one of the prerequisites for the success of a campaign.

Professional Design

You can customize your vehicle wraps in a number of basic ways. You will be capable of doing it right, even if you have very little experience with design and marketing. In addition, you will be relying on the assistance of a professional designer, which minimizes the chance of taking a wrong customization decision.

Choosing a Wrap

The first step involves decisions about the size of the car wrap. Is it going to be full or partial? Do you plan to include the vehicle windows in the design or are these going to remain clear? Once you take these decisions, you will have an idea about the surface area you will be working with.

Graphics selection and placement depend on this surface area. If you are going to be wrapping a small car, you will have to focus on just a few prominent elements. Having too many components fighting for attention will distract the observers, making it difficult to instantly understand the message.

Color selection should be enforcing your corporate identity. People connect specific colors to certain businesses. This is why you need to utilize the same color scheme in all of your marketing materials. It should be present both on your business cards and your car wraps.

When it comes to car wrapping, bold and bright colors are the best selection. You may choose pastel shades for other materials and for your website but when it comes to mobile marketing, you need to grab the attention of the audience and you need to keep it.

One or two colors will be optimal. Take into consideration the fact that you have to incorporate the color of the car paint into the design, as well. Too many colors will be fighting for attention, just like too many graphical elements.

Use text sparingly. A slogan will be sufficient to get the message across. Include the company’s name, a website or a telephone number that the interested individuals can use to get more information.