Matte Finish Car Wraps
  • Matte Gold Mercedes SL63! With Custom Graphics.

Matte Wraps

Sticker City is the first company that start using matte vinyl to wrap vehicles over 6 years ago. With thousands of cars wrapped we have mastered the art of the matte look.

Benefits of Matte Wraps

  • Choose from a wide range of flat vinyl colors.
  • Can be removed without dame to OEM paint.
  • Protects you paint from daily wear and tear.
  • Available in a flat or satin finish.
  • Combine multiple matte colors for an amazing effect.
  • Car wash safe and long lasting

Popular Matte Colors

  • Matte Black Car Wrap.
  • Satin Black Car Wrap.
  • Satin White Car Wrap.
  • Matte Dark Gray Wrap.
  • Satin Orange Wrap.
  • Satin Red Wrap

Car wraps, whether they are partial or full, have a high longevity. The vinyl will remain in excellent condition for a period ranging from five to seven years. This is the amount of time you will be capable of enjoying the marketing campaign. Unless you decide to change the visuals, you can keep the wrap on the car for all of these years.