Getting Paid to have a Vehicle Wrap on Your Car

How does it sound to get a free car or to be paid in order to drive your own around? It may seem like an impossibly good option but it does exist. Some companies will be willing to pay you for the usage of your cars.

This tempting offer involves vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are thin films of vinyl with graphics printed on one side. The car wraps are mostly used in the marketing sector. Billboards and other traditional forms of roadside advertising are no longer proving to be very efficient. This tendency led to the birth of vehicle wrap advertising.

Vehicle wraps can contain nearly any marketing message. Typically, companies use their business cars to deliver an ad to the chosen audience. It is also possible, however, for individuals to be offered participation in the company’s vehicle wrapping program.

One of the options involves getting a corporate car for free and driving around town. The second option will be getting paid to drive your own car and to have a vehicle wrap installed on it. The payment is usually very good and delivered on a monthly basis for the entire duration of the campaign.

Being part of such an attractive campaign will require some luck. You need to live in the right urban area and you need to find such programs. Only a few people will be offered participation in corporate car wrapping projects.

When a company is giving out a car, it will usually be provided for a period ranging anywhere between two and five years. Five years is the average life of vehicle wraps. Yes, the vinyl that they are printed on is very long-lived, which means you will be getting to drive around a free car for many years.

The programs are mostly available to people who are using their cars on a daily basis and who use specific routes. There is a reason for such catches to be included in the programs. Companies need maximum exposure for their marketing campaigns to be efficient. People who are simply staying home and keeping their vehicles in the garage will be unsuitable for the vehicle wrapping programs.

People who are approved for participation in such campaigns will also have to exhibit a specific roadside behavior that is described in the contract. For example, the vehicle will have to be parked in a public area that is relatively popular. This way, the vehicle wraps will once again be guaranteed greater exposure.

If you are interested in this kind of campaign, you will have to carry out some online research. Most companies will be presenting their vehicle wraps programs in details and you will get an idea about the application process and the requirements you will have to meet in order to be approved.

Your driving record is of major importance for your participation in such programs. It is logical for companies to be looking for impeccable drivers. People who have a poor driving record are more likely to receive a rejection.

People who have a record of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are also expected to receive a rejection. Companies will be unwilling to get their brands connected to risky roadside behavior or an accident.

Although the vehicle wrapping programs are a great option to get paid or to receive a car for free, you will have to understand all the basics and the conditions before applying. You will have to get in the habit of driving a specific number of miles on a daily basis. If you are comfortable with such requirements, corporate vehicle wraps can provide you with a really nice opportunity to make some extra money or to minimize your driving expernditure.

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