Is Marketing through the Use of Vehicle Wraps Really Targeted?

Targeting is the heart and soul of proper marketing. The most creative and appropriate message will remain misunderstood when delivered to the wrong audience. Some marketing channels are truly targeted while others lack the advantage. Is advertising through the use of vehicle wraps capable of achieving the necessary targeting?

Vehicle wraps are becoming very popular because they are really cost-effective. The wraps are made of high quality vinyl that comes with a lifespan ranging between five and seven years. No other method of advertising is capable of delivering as many displays at such a low price.

In addition, the usage of cars for promotion comes with another advantage – it is mobile. The ad can travel across town and it can even be taken from one urban area to another. The mobile marketing medium will be readily noticeable because of the uniform and rather boring appearance of other cars.

These characteristics present vehicle wraps as something very attractive for any company trying to increase its popularity. In fact, this form of promotion can be very efficient. Is it targeted, however?

The simple act of installing car wraps and then driving around town will rely on pure luck. There is no strategy and there will definitely be limited if any targeting. A different audience will be seeing the ad every day. Some of the people will be interested, others will simply ignore the promotional materials. Vehicle wraps can achieve targeted, however, as long as a company’s marketing expert is willing to work on some kind of strategy.

Achieving targeting through any channel demands the selection of the right visuals, the right call to action and the right ‘airing’ time. Taking the car to specific places will maximize the chance of successful advertising.

Study your city and know who lives where. If you are targeting wealthier segments, the car advertising should be taken to the more luxurious parts of town. In case you are trying to attract parents as clients, you should take your vehicle wraps to the area near a school or a kindergarten.

Relying on chance will make your marketing efforts inefficient and rather amateurish. Although you cannot control the specific crowds that will be seeing your vehicle wraps, you can ensure that the majority of these people will be a part of your target audience.

Careful planning and research will have to take place in advance. Although vehicle wraps are inexpensive in comparison to other channels like television or print ads, they will demand some investment. You will have to spend anywhere between 1000 and 3500 dollars, depending on the size of the car, the complexity of the wrap and the number of colors you plan to use.

It will be unwise to throw this amount of money in the air. Come up with a profile of the target audience. Next, study the messages that will appeal to the group and that will provoke an emotional response from this people. Targeting is one part of the story, making the target audience relate to your advertising is a separate affair.

The bottom line is that advertising through the use of vehicle wraps can be very efficient and highly targeted. Just like in the case of other forms of promotion, you have to rely on a strong and experienced marketing team. Think carefully in terms of composition and pinpoint the specific people you are interested in. Next, you will have to find out where these people work and where they go on a daily basis. Once you find them, you will simply have to take your business vehicles to the area. Results will be visible soon.

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