3M Di-noc Architectural Wraps

Interior Design Finishes

3M DI-NOC™ Architectural and furniture wraps are a cost-effective alternative to traditional building materials in new construction and retrofit environments without sacrificing aesthetics. From natural looking textured wood to brushed aluminum, from marble to stucco, DI-NOC™ finishes are available in over 500 patterns and colors.


Di Noc architectural wraps mimic organic materials and other kinds of surface types to an amazing level. They provide you with the look you want‚ at a quicker time frame and a lower price.

3M Di-Noc Installation


Light in weight and self-adhering‚ DI-NOC architectural wraps can be installed on most existing surfaces‚ cutting down labor and materials expense in comparison to all-natural elements. With 3M DI-NOC finishes‚ you develop a completely new look‚ rapidly and affordably. And not at the expense of aesthetics‚ due to its uncanny similarity to natural materials.

Interior Design Wraps

New Construction:

Maybe you like the genuineness of authentic metal, stucco or wood. That’s natural. Utilize them for high traffic locations. Use 3M DI-NOC wraps in higher up and hard to see locations. You will certainly get cost savings‚ quickness of installation‚ longevity but still retain the aesthetic appearance you would like.

3M Di-Noc Wraps

Installation Services:

Our installers have been through 3M DI-NOC installation training classes and are experienced with the application of this product. Sticker City provides 3M Di-Noc installation services within the Los Angeles Area.

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