Wall Wraps

Wall Graphics

At Sticker City we design, produce and install amazing wall graphics and wall wraps for commercial or personal applications. We can create any custom designed wall paper and install it virtually on any type of smooth or textured wall. What ever the image we can recreate it at any size and install it on any wall.

Removable Wall Graphics

Our removable and reusable wall graphics are designed to be used on any smooth wall and have a 10 year indoor life expectancy. Includes removable acrylic adhesive for clean removability for life of graphic.

Permanant Wall Graphics

Designed for use on large size walls with a smooth or textured finish. 4 year outdoor durability and 7 years indoor.

Outdoors Textured Wall Wraps

Can be used outdoors on any textured surface such as concrete and it is good for up to 1 year.

Wall Graphics