Mini Cooper stripes are designed for application on both metal and plastic. This characteristic signifies that the tuning material can be installed on any part of the car. You get a lot of freedom but it can also lead to some confusion.

Typically, the racing car stripes that are designed for a particular model have the correct size and shape for placement on a particular car part. Do you know how to choose the placement of your Mini Cooper stripe? Here are several simple and helpful rules.

The first rule involves visibility. Naturally, you want the tuning material to be seen. Some parts of the car will serve this purpose better than others. Racing stripes are typically positioned on the hood and the sides of the car for a reason. These are the most visible parts.

It is possible to select another position for your Mini Cooper stripes. In fact, many manufacturers design stripes that are perfect for the roof of the car, for the trunk, the bumper or even the grill of the Mini Cooper.

The positioning of Mini Cooper stripes is just as important as the selection of the right shapes for your car. Think carefully about the pros and the cons of each possibility. You can also select a complete kit that will give your Mini Cooper a finalized, professional look.

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